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You'd think it would be easy for a cowboy store to have American Made products. But it's harder than you think! We've tried over the years, but with Durango and Ariat being 100% China produced, and with Wrangler, Justin and Tony Lama being more and more dependent on overseas production (jobs!!), we're shifting in our store to less and less Them, and more and more US. But we need your help!! American Made doesn't always cost more! And in boots, you truly get what you pay for. Just try these and you might be surprised!
New at Carol's are the Amazing and American Thorogood Work Boots. Most are made in Wisconsin with Union labor! With fantastic reviews, and extremely affordable pricing, you should try these first!
This American Made Thorogood features beautiful "Crazy horse" leather with a removable dual-density Ultimate Shock Absorption insole, steel safety toe, and a single-density outsole. With 4.8 Stars and 53 reviews that say things such as "like being carried by two floating angels." That might be a bit extreme, but try them and judge for yourself!!

MSRP $220 Our Price $195
Made of the same material as the US Navy dress white uniforms. These American Made men's white shirts are amazing quality and style for only $44.95. That's an American Made Shirt, for well under $50!!!! Do you own any $200 jeans made overseas?? Then buy this shirt to help fix your extremely broken Karma.
If your feet can't feel the quality difference in an Anderson Bean, Texas made boot, then you should see a podiatrist!!!

Fantastic leathers inside and out, Anderson Bean will recondition their boots if/when they ever need it!! These boots are NOT disposable!

Save 20% off MSRP of any Anderson Bean. In stock or not.
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